5 Great First Dates In Any City – You Pick Your Town

Faced with going on a first date with someone I’ve known for a while, I started thinking about what we were going to do. Movie and a dinner seemed average and mundane? I’d done that enough times to see girls wanted something else. I wanted the day or evening to be special. I like to set myself apart from the herd, so to speak. So I really needed to put some thought in to this, and that got me to thinking about the very nature of first date selection. I live in a big city. There’s no shortage of things to do.

The process of deciding where my friend and I would be headed involved some pretty basic research, but I was able to categorize good ideas which apply to any major city. I?ll share them with you in hopes you have the same good fortune I have. First, check for historical landmarks specifically, ones which currently cater to visitors in one capacity or another. Many restaurants and smaller bars are rich in history as well as personalities behind the counter.

Second, try a shopping date. Be it window shopping or actually making purchases, most cities have shopping districts with unique, quaint stores catering to specific needs and/or displaying local wares.

Third, don’t be entirely afraid of the bar scene. Going to a typical bar can be a huge letdown, so check the local papers for features or highlights and choose something which piques your mutual interests.

Fourth, take suggestions from fellow residents. The Internet is full of articles and tips.

Lastly, check out the local museums. It may sound a bit dry, but many museums are specific in nature and contain amazing information about the city’s history. Most importantly before beginning such an endeavor is to commit to it. Going through the motions without a goal can be a recipe for failure. Resign yourself to being in the moment and sharing it with your date.