Automotive Insurance Rates Affected by Your Town?

The area in which you live does impact the cost of you automotive insurance. It may seem a bit unfair, but it’s true. Locations that have higher crime rates tend to also have higher automotive insurance rates.

Of course, there probably aren’t too many people out there who are willing to shop for a new home in a completely new area, put their houses up for sale, and leave town just to save money on automotive insurance, and that’s completely understandable. That’s why we’re going to offer some tips on how you can possibly lower the cost of your automotive insurance and keep your home.

First, take a look at your vehicle. Was it expensive? Is it flashy? Is it a vehicle that many people would love to drive but can’t afford? If so, your vehicle is at risk for being stolen or burglarized. Vehicles that aren’t at risk for being stolen or burglarized tend to get lower automotive insurance rates. Consider trading your flashy car in for a more subtle ride.

Then, and this is especially important for those of you who aren’t willing to trade your cars in, take a look at your safety components. Do you have any kind of anti-theft system for your vehicle? Having one of these will not only protect your car from being stolen, but it will also protect your valuables inside, i.e., some crook won’t come along and break the window to get your CD collection. This means your automotive insurance rates could be lower since your insurance company won’t have to worry too much about replacing windows.

Finally, take a look at where you park your vehicle. On the side of the street? In a back alley? Consider parking your vehicle in a safe, well-lit, and guarded parking garage. Your insurance company will appreciate your effort to protect your car, and they might just reward you with lower automotive insurance rates.

Flower Shops – Your One Stop Shop to Your Flower Needs!

Flower shops are everywhere you go, usually a large part of every major city or town. Have you ever been inside your local flower shop and not find what you needed? Well you’re not the only one as it happens everyday, all across the world. The only way to get guaranteed flowers that are fresh and delivered the next day is to use online flower shops for all your flower needs. Online flower shops can provide 100% friendly customer service, offer any advice you need as to explain what each and every flower means, the lowest prices guaranteed, and delivery of whatever flower you buy the next day!

Flowers are the best way to express feelings for that special someone. They can really sooth and set the mood. If a person is feeling depressed, sad, mad, angry, happy, etc. flowers can be given for ANY occasion. There is a large selection of flowers, so choosing the right one to give in that special occasion can be challenging. With the help of an online florist, you can choose which flowers you need and get them delivered all across the world!

When you buy from an online flower shop you get the 100% satisfaction that you bought your flowers for the best price and they will get delivered right away. Not even local floral shops can guarantee such delivery times and great prices. When buying from an online florist you also get extensive knowledge and customer service when trying to find that special plant to send to that loved one. Flower shops come a dime a dozen, but finding a trustable online flower shop is big challenge. Once you find a trustable online floral shop, they will be able to serve all your floral needs for any special occasion. If you need to send flower arrangements to a wedding, funeral, birthday, etc. it can be done in one click of the mouse. Online floral shops offer flower arrangements using exotic flowers from all across the world. You can find incredible combinations that you would never see in your local floral shop. You can make a real good impression on someone by giving them something this unique. Roses, tulips, daffodils, carnations, etc. are nice, but exotic flowers have a whole new meaning. It will make a lasting impression on that special someone as they probably have never seen that type of flower in their life and will always remember you by giving them such an exotic flower.

Thanks to the internet, in just one click of the mouse you can send flowers to anyone you want all across the world! It has never been so easy and at such great prices. You won’t find prices anywhere else as you can find at online flower shops. You will also be able to sleep well at night knowing your flowers will be delivered on time and fresh. That is extremely important and should be the deciding factor when choosing where you want to buy your flowers.

Using Your Town’s Network, Planning Solutions For a Fun Filled Staycation

Introducing the “Staycation”

You don’t need to spend a lot of cash to take a vacation or drive for hours to go to the beach or an “official” vacation spot. Instead, you can take a “staycation.” You’ll save money and support business in your community. How to find out what’s going on in your neck of the woods? Look online; it’s free! Website hosting deals and easy site builder tools have made it easier than ever for the cool spots and hot venues in your area to be easy to find on the Web.

Some define vacation as three-plus days away from home, where you and your friends and family partake in relaxing activities. Of course, that depends on your definition of “relaxing activities.” Relaxing can entail spending time in a cabin, on a beach, boating-anything.

But what if you can’t afford to take a traditional vacation? Does taking a vacation really require spending money, going to a new destination? Maybe not. There’s a fairly new word that’s being used every now and then: “staycation.”

A staycation is taking a vacation while staying at home. It’s finding fun things to do that do not require spending a large chunk of change. There are relaxing, entertaining things you can do within driving distance if you explore locally.

Where do you look? Online, of course. You see, others have been in your position. Businesses (restaurants, shops, ice cream parlors, hotels, zoos, museums-you get the idea) within 50 miles or so from your home have planned ahead, anticipating that someday, you and others will search for them online. They have websites that let you know that interesting, fun, exciting adventures await just around the bend.


The first thing you can do is to search. Go to your favorite search engine and search words like “staycation your town.” If you live in the St. Louis area for instance, you can search “staycation stl”. Or if you’re in Florida, try “staycation south Florida”. The first couple of links should list some activities and places to visit in your area.

What to Look For

What could you possibly do close to home? So perhaps a festival or an outdoor concert might be fun. Botanical gardens, museums (art and history), miniature golf-places you normally wouldn’t visit because you’ve ignored them, are now front and center. You can check your community calendar for ideas.

If it’s summer or early fall, farmers’ crops are bursting with natural sweetness, ready to be picked by you and your family. So gather your baskets and head to the nearest orchard. Pick some juicy peaches and make a cobbler with the kids. Have the kids find the perfect pumpkin to carve later. You can even throw in a science lesson.

Your town is celebrating homecoming. Food, carnival games, friends-small town goodness that comes around once a year. Take your staycation the week of homecoming.

Have you seen any flyers for local theatre productions lately? Or perhaps your kids are in a play. Make it a huge night with dinner beforehand and ice cream afterwards.

Money Talks

Local businesses often offer promotions online. So check out their pricing. Either way, you’ll be saving since you’re not taking that expensive trip to the beach. Larger groups often can get more affordable pricing. So invite another family to join you and split the cost.

Time Off Please

Are you ready to plan your next staycation? Here’s how you can start planning:

  • Be mindful of local events. Check out your town’s online event calendar.
  • Take out your own calendar and schedule some time for you and your family to do nothing but have fun.
  • Pencil in activities for each day.
  • Tell family members that your only rules are to have fun, sleep in, and smile.
  • Meals and clean up: Plan fun meals that won’t make a big mess and require participation. At the end of each day, have everyone pitch in for 15 minutes to clean up.

And there you have it…staycation fun. To create a souvenir of one staycation or keep a log of all of your local adventures, consider getting a free website and sharing your experiences with extended family and friends who have moved away. Web hosting companies will offer affordable or free website hosting that includes an easy website builder tool. You don’t have to spend a lot to “publish” your online scrapbook!