How to Choose the Best Auto Repair Shop in Your Town

Whether you live in Bend Oregon or Virginia Beach, you will need an auto repair shop at some point in time. How do you find the best auto repair shop to work on your vehicle?

The first tip is to find a repair shop that’s compatible with your vehicle. If you own an import, you need to find a shop that works on imports. If your import is fairly rare, you should find a repair shop who works on that make of car specifically. I own a Ford so I prefer to take it to a Ford dealer in my town. This dealer has a large repair shop, so it’s a good fit for my vehicle. You do need to be careful not to be over-charged for the work, though.

For more complex and expensive repairs, you should always get a few estimates. Prices can vary quite a bit from shop to shop. It’s even a good idea to get opinions about what actually needs to be done to fix your car. Like in the medical field, it’s good to get second or third opinions.

Another tip in finding a good mechanic is to make sure they are ASE certified. Most larger shops hire only ASE certified mechanics, but it’s a good idea to double-check. The ASE certification tests mechanics on their knowledge and skills. If they pass the tests, they most likely know their stuff.

Some shops are large, some are national chains, some have a handful of employees, and some shops are a single-operator type. It’s probably not the best to use your brother-in-law’s, cousins, friend of a friend. He may not be qualified to do the work.

Years ago I needed a major repair done on my pickup and I had a guy at my favorite gas station do the work. After spending a couple thousand dollars, the problem was not only not solved, it was worse! I learned then to make sure I hired a competent mechanic in the future. It pays to do your homework!

Find a Cheap Flight to Cape Town and Shop Until You Drop!

Shopping is a hobby that a lot of women take seriously. They want to shop during their vacation no matter what. And if you have the time to do so, why not spend some free time browsing through shops and seeing what the locals buy and maybe even picking up some tourist items as well? This is a very common activity for people who vacation. Some vacation destinations are known for having some great places to shop at and that is what people go there for. One place that is off the beaten path but perhaps can offer a nice shopping experience is Cape Town, South Africa. They have many shops, besides the malls, that people can go to kill time and shop for themselves or all their loved ones back home.

Cape Town is home to four different shopping malls that locals and tourists alike can shop at. If you would prefer to shop at stores that you can find at home, or perhaps brand names for a better price, then these malls would be the place to go. You will find all the essential mall type stores and food courts.

If you are not in the mood to go to a mall, or perhaps you really want to expand your horizons and see what else Cape Town has to offer, then never fear. Cape Town is home to plenty of other shopping areas. There are a number of markets in the town that sell everything from antiques to handmade collectables. Perhaps the largest Cape Town market is Green Market Square. This is one of the oldest and it is home to a variety of antiques, such as; clothes, jewelry, and housewares. This market is open daily for you to shop to your heart’s content.

Are you looking at what kind of local jewelry you can find? Then do not worry because Cape Town has a wonderful store named Dolce & Banana. This uniquely named store houses a great collection of handmade jewelry all made from local materials and made in true African style. If you want a great souvenir to take home to someone, this would be the best place to go to get a great piece that people will talk about for years to come.

Shopping is often known as “retail therapy” and sometimes, even on a relaxing vacation, you just want to go shopping and not think about anything else. If you find the urge while you are in Cape Town, be ready for what you would like to shop for, but do not worry that there is nowhere to shop. So start your vacation off right by booking a cheap flight to Cape Town, saving money there, so you can shop your heart out when you land.

5 Great First Dates In Any City – You Pick Your Town

Faced with going on a first date with someone I’ve known for a while, I started thinking about what we were going to do. Movie and a dinner seemed average and mundane? I’d done that enough times to see girls wanted something else. I wanted the day or evening to be special. I like to set myself apart from the herd, so to speak. So I really needed to put some thought in to this, and that got me to thinking about the very nature of first date selection. I live in a big city. There’s no shortage of things to do.

The process of deciding where my friend and I would be headed involved some pretty basic research, but I was able to categorize good ideas which apply to any major city. I?ll share them with you in hopes you have the same good fortune I have. First, check for historical landmarks specifically, ones which currently cater to visitors in one capacity or another. Many restaurants and smaller bars are rich in history as well as personalities behind the counter.

Second, try a shopping date. Be it window shopping or actually making purchases, most cities have shopping districts with unique, quaint stores catering to specific needs and/or displaying local wares.

Third, don’t be entirely afraid of the bar scene. Going to a typical bar can be a huge letdown, so check the local papers for features or highlights and choose something which piques your mutual interests.

Fourth, take suggestions from fellow residents. The Internet is full of articles and tips.

Lastly, check out the local museums. It may sound a bit dry, but many museums are specific in nature and contain amazing information about the city’s history. Most importantly before beginning such an endeavor is to commit to it. Going through the motions without a goal can be a recipe for failure. Resign yourself to being in the moment and sharing it with your date.