Value Your Life – Go to the Best of All Auto Repair Shops in Town

There are many auto repair shops who claim that they are the best among the rest. But don’t be deceived by them. Five months ago we brought our car to this repair shop since we saw their advertisement on TV and we were kind of want to try their service. So we travelled about 3 km away from our house to their shop. Our car is due for its maintenance and so we know that it might take a few days for them to finish their job. We were glad that we were given a low price, much lower than we normally pay. So we thought it was really a great deal.

After a week we were told that we can pick up our car while my husband and I were travelling via cab we passed by some other auto repair shops along the way. There was this one repair shop that is quite popular among the rest since you can see the number of cars and people swarming in their garage. Finally after 45 minutes, we arrived.

As a customer we are always excited to see the end result of the product paid for. So we definitely have same rich emotion at that time. When they gave us the car keys, we double checked everything and were satisfied with their job. But what do we really know? We are not mechanics. We are customers who own cars and needed appropriate assistance. So we drove back home and thought that they are truly the best shop among all the auto repairs shops in the city, because we got the service we wanted on a budget.

After two weeks, problems arise. The air condition is getting warmer, the tires are somehow not aligned and other stuff that was supposed to be taken cared off last time – well, it wasn’t! This is what we get for saving a small amount of money and believing into some TV ads that is not even reliable.

We need our car to be fixed as soon as possible but we don’t intend to get back to that shop anymore. So what we did was we went to the shop nearby, one of the auto repair shops that I saw along the way when we picked up our car was actually the same shop that my friends highly recommend to me. We told the customer service the whole story and they told us to always check the reliability of the shop before we get into any deals. All cars are carrying lives. It must always be in tip top shape. He told us that many shops would claim that they are the best of all auto repair shops in the city but as we now know, it is just a marketing stint.

After a few days we got our car back. Of course we needed to shed out money once again but this time it was really worth it. So we learned our lesson and now we are more careful when it comes to choosing what’s best for our car and our lives.